MAY 2011

Dear Prayer Partners, 


Sunday, March 27 was the Graduation ceremony of Cornerstone Bible Institute. There were twenty six graduating students, of which four were women. These young men and women will need your prayers and support in the days ahead. As the days get closer and closer to our Lord’s return, the task does not get easier. But I saw no lessening in their determination to fulfill the “great commission.” They all want to spread the good news; the Gospel story of Christ’s death, burial and resurrection.
Several of these (previously Hindu) individuals were converts of former graduates. One young man gave his heart to the Lord after God miraculously healed his daughter at a prayer meeting in a village that had never before heard the Name of Jesus until our new missionary visited there. Now he wants to be the missionary to his own village.
Another older gentleman was a member of a criminal gang before he heard about Jesus. I don’t have all of the details on this story, but he gave his heart to the Lord and was soon accosted by members of his old gang, with a gun to his head. He told the man to “go ahead and shoot. I will be at peace with the Lord. Where will you be?" The gun dropped from the hand of his assailant and they all ran away.
These young people are full of power and great passion for souls, but they need our help. They don’t need much, but some of their basics needs are urgent; a place to stay, maybe a rented room, one or two rooms; the two room would be used as bed room, drawing, dinning, kitchen, etc. A bicycle for travel is an urgent necessity for all of them. Sufficient literature is necessary for daily door to door evangelism.
We have seen them spend much time in prayer and fasting, because they know the task in front of them is not easy. There will not be a single home at first to receive them or invite them in. But later on that will change through the miracles and wonders. Lives will be changed; villages will be transformed by the power of God. Great things can happen for the glory of God. We need 75 dollars per month to send a new missionary to a village. Join with us to help them plant churches and fulfill the great commission. Adopt a village and a missionary, as a church or as a family; or as you alone. Your money will be well used for the expansion of His kingdom.
We were blessed by the presence of a guest speaker from Hong Kong; Pastor Dennis Balcombe. A missionary to china, Ellen and I have sat in his church on many occasions, years ago.
We were privileged to speak to the graduates for a short time. We told them to preach the “word” without fear or favor, preach the truth in love. Preach the resurrection. No one else will tell them that message. No other religion has such a message. The Resurrection is our message. It is our mandate to preach it. And it is the only message that saves a lost soul from Hell. I told them, they will not be doing the work alone. Jesus said “…I am with you always, even unto the end of the world.” Mathew 28:20. The Apostle Paul tells us in 1st Cor. 3:9 “For we are laborers together with God….” We can’t do it without God. God won’t do it without us. And many people in North India will not hear it unless someone is sent… “…how shall they believe in him, of whom they have not heard, and how shall they hear without a preacher? And how shall they preach except they be sent....” Rom.10:14-15.
And so we labor on to send these courageous young and old, former Hindus (now joyous followers of Jesus Christ) back to their own people; just as Paul longed for his people to be saved. (Rom.9:3)
Won’t you help us? . NICM does different ministries every day; we reach hundreds of people with love of our Lord Jesus. We have more needs than can be put on this page, But every gift is a blessing. And your prayers are even more precious

Your friends and partners in the work of the kingdom,
Melvin and Ellen Johnson
North India Christian Ministries (USA)





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Graduation Ceremony of Cornerstone Bible Institute

Graduated Batch of 2011 

Graduated Batch of 2011

 Melvin at the Graduation Service

Melvin at the Graduation Service

 Ellen at the Graduation Service

Ellen at the Graduation Service