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Church Plants
Our native missionaries are working in different parts of India under the banner of Evangel Bible Church. We are seeing tremendous growth among the different unreached societies, with the help of the native missionaries who know the language and culture of the people.
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Bible School
Our current training center is located Delhi, about 20 miles from Delhi International Airport. We bring native missionaries from different villages and states, and we recruit them with the help of the local pastors and our state coordinators. After their one year of training on church planting, we send them back to their own villages to start a new church.
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School and Orphanage
Located in one of the largest slums in Asia, we provide children at our school with a free education. We currently have 10 teachers and about 390 students. God has provided us with land for a new school building, which will accommodate 1700 children. The orphanage in Orissa helps poor and needy children; it is located in one of the poorest states of India.
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Vocational Training Center
Helping widows and ladies in the villages, we started sewing centers to train local women in tailoring. Those who complete the tailoring course receive a sewing machine.
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